pull | tirer



choreography: Heather Stewart

music: dull

performers: Heather Stewart & Louis Elyan-Martin

rehearsal direction: Emily Gualtieri

costume design: Holly Greco

length: 30 minutes

Imbued with movement that takes its impulse from resistance and opposition pull | tirer is a contemporary dance duet that explores the duality between where we want to go and what keeps us from going there. The creation of the work investigated ways that this duality could be expressed as both a physical action and a metaphor for our relationships to other people and external desires. pull | tirer offers an intimate experience of what it means to be pulled back when you have no choice but to move forward. Created with the support of Centre de Création O Vertigo in 2016 and in residence at Espace Marie Chouinard in 2017. 

  • photos by The Fleet NYC | banner photo by Nicole Tomaselli | trailer by Marc Bartissol